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Hello Fellow Northern Nevadan.

I’m James.  I’m a father, a grandfather, and a carpet cleaning and carpet repair expert.

I’ve been cleaning and repairing carpets for many, many, many years. (was that too many ‘many’s’?)

And over the years, I’ve cleaned thousands of yards of carpet.  But, one thing that I will promise you – I always clean with the highest level of care, concern, and results every time.  What that means for you is that I will give your carpet cleaning my top level effort just like I do for my clients that have been calling me back for years.


It’s never fashionable for a business person to bash their competitors, but to understand us and the level of quality services we provide to our carpet cleaning clients in the Reno / Sparks area,  we need to at least give you a comparison.

Some of the things that make us the best:

  • REAL Carpet Cleaning Technicians – nobody on my team was just hired and thrown into a van. Anyone that shows up to clean your carpet from Reno Carpet Cleaning is trained and tested before they can do a single carpet cleaning service call.
  • Background Checked and checked for personal integrity – This is really important to me.  Every member of my team is background checked and has spent extensive time with me so that I can verify their integrity.  I would never allow someone near your home and possessions that I wouldn’t trust in my home.  And, none of my team was just released from Parr Blvd.
  • I judge every carpet cleaning by how happy you are.  Many times I will the one doing the cleaning at your home or office.  But, if I’m not – I will personally call you to make sure that we did a good job and that you’re totally thrilled with our work. 
  • Did all that sound like fluff?  Compare us at some of the review sites like Yelp.  You can check us against our competition and you’ll see a trend – PEOPLE LIKE US










What you don’t want a Reno carpet cleaning company to do:

  • Talk over your head.
  • Rush your decision making process.
  • Pressure you into buying extra services.
  • Charge you an arm and a leg (or a left foot).
  • Go MIA halfway through the project.
  • Make you feel guilty about nitpicking their work (we’re perfectionists, too!).
  • Be harder than Obama to get a hold of.
  • Leave your driveway looking like a tailgate party outside the stadium at UNR.

Do you want to get technical about carpet care?

If you own carpet, I’d like you to be somewhat technical about carpet cleaners and carpet care.  You don’t have to be a carpet ’nerd’ like me, but it would be great if you knew what the big issues are and what you need to watch out for.  Like:

  • What does it take to get pet urine out of carpet?
  • Can you remove red wine from carpet? Or is that best left up to the pros?
  • Can carpet be patched? Or can carpet be repaired?
  • Why does cat urine smell in carpet return, even if the cat is gone?
  • How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
  • Does vacuuming hurt carpet?  How often should I vacuum?

As a trained carpet care expert, I have all the answers.  And so do my technicians. 


Here are the most common questions (and answers) about our Reno / Sparks, Nevada carpet cleaning business:

What all do you do?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, a better question is: What DON’T we do?  But here’s the biggest reason people call us – we are the experts in getting the nasty out of your carpet and make it look, smell, and feel awesome again.  Our carpet cleaning prices are competitive to everyone in Reno but our quality is superior.  Just look at our reviews along side our competitors.  You’ll soon understand that we do things one hell of a lot better.  And, if it was a few pennies more, wouldn’t you still rather deal with the carpet cleaning service that stomps the competition for quality of work?

What areas do you serve?

Our main area, is of course, Reno NV and Sparks NV.  We do serve customers in other areas of Northern Nevada including Carson City, Incline Village, Verdi, and other surrounding communities.  It’s kinda cool that we get calls from outside our normal service area because people have heard of our mad skills in handling real big issues. And we proudly take on those calls.

What is the biggest carpet care issue that you come up against?

Pets.  Cat urine. Dog urine.  Other things that come out of our pets.  To be frank, pet urine in carpet sucks.  Most people don’t think about how open a carpet weave really is.  And gravity helps to push that liquid right through the carpet and starts soaking through the padding and into the wood underneath.  So, most carpet cleaners apply a spot product to the carpet and that masks the smell until the carpet dries and the odors start to come back out of the pad and the wood again.  Blech! 

Using a special blacklight, we check your carpet to find problem spots where dog urine or cat urine has been left behind.

Cat urine soaks through the carpet. Many times carpet cleaners mask the smell instead of deep cleaning.

We specialize in real treatment of cat urine repair

We can fix it! As nasty as pet urine can be, we have the right tools and skills to take care of it!

So we handle a large urine issue the right way.  As carpet techs, we search for the exact location of the problem on your carpet using a special tuned black light.  Then we can analyze the problem to see if it can be cleaned from the top, or if we need to pull back the carpet and clean the subfloor and padding.  I can promise you this – we are the most effective carpet cleaning company in the Reno & Sparks area for overcoming this issue.  We would never charge extra to ‘treat’ the area and then do nothing more than add a urine masking spray over it.  That’s just wrong!

I love dogs.  I like cats. (okay, I’m not really a ‘cat’ kinda guy).  But facts are facts.  Pets are our carpets worst enemy.  And whether it’s your home and pet, or if you’re moving into a place where the previous owner or renter had a pet – it could be a real issue.  Better to find out early rather than having to put up with an uncomfortable smell or unhealthy situation.

So, now you get a sense for what our carpet cleaner company is about.  We want to do the best Reno carpet cleaning company that you have ever had.  We want you to love our work and our prices. 

Please give us a call! 

(the most passionate Reno carpet cleaning guy)


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