Cat Urine Stains & Cat Urine Odor

One of the toughest pet urine odor problems homeowners and property owners have with their carpets is cat urine. Many companies will simply put extra chemicals and scents on areas of cat urine staining and cat urine odor. This is a bandaid on the problem and can make matters worse. The urine goes through the carpet and can penetrate the padding and even into the wood subfloor or concrete. You're not going to get rid of the pet urine odor unless you attack all levels. Remember, gravity always wins. That pet urine odor is traveling down until it hits something it can't penetrate. At Code 3 Reno Carpet Cleaning, we look deeper and can plan to take on cat urine to the bottom of the materials. We take the time to fix cat urine odor and cat urine staining the right way. Once we've done this - no odor will come back.

We have the tools in our trucks to pull back your carpet and do a visual inspection of the pad and subfloor and put it back properly.

Dog Urine Odor & Dog Staining

My dog is my best buddy and could do no wrong - until he takes a secret pee in the house. Ugh. I have to be the grown-up in the house and take the blame. He didn't do it because he's evil. He does it because I forgot to take him out, or I did not get home soon enough to take him out. So no blame - but I need to call Code 3 Reno Carpet Cleaning to get it cleaned up right.

At Code 3, they have the right tools to spot and attack dog urine odor & dog staining issues. They start with a special UV light to find out the spots where your dog has violated the carpet. Once they know that, they can check to see if the issue is just on top or is there a deeper issue like urine odor in the padding or a build up of bacteria because of the dog urine. Either way, they can clean it and sanitize the area rather than just deodorizing. Pet urine odor will not go away if it is just covered up with a flowery scent.