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Large house or small, we have all experienced stains and spills on our carpets and furniture. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do some preventative step to keep those unsightly marks from staining permanently? Well, guess what! We are a company that can do that for our friends in Reno and in Sparks, Nevada. We are in the carpet repair business and we also have solutions to protect your carpets and furniture from accidental spillage. Maybe the grandkids spilled chocolate milk or Dad spilled his beer, etc. Things happen! Once our professional carpet and furniture repair and cleaning experts remove all those annoying stains, they can use a special protectant to seal out future staining. Our protective carpet and furniture methods are tailored to each splatter or spillage situation.

Since fibers in carpeting are made up of different aspects, a different plan of action might be used for each individual problem for the purpose of protecting your carpeting and furniture. Our fabric and fiber protection experienced personnel wants to help you keep your home looking sleek and beautiful, whether you reside in Reno or live in Sparks, Nevada.


  • Nylon fiber is the most commonly used fiber and comes in assortment of textures and colors. It has decent elasticity and is good for heavy areas of traffic and nylon is resilient. One drawback of nylon fiber is it’s tendency to fade. If your furniture in your Reno or Sparks residence is subjected to the rays of the sun regularly, nylon fiber might not be your best choice in carpeting.
  • Polyester fiber is resistant to fading, bleaching and water-based stains. Polyester is NOT resistant to oil and tends to mat down.
  • Sisal fiber is durable under frequent use (like high traffic areas.) Sisal is also non-toxic….a smart selection for Reno or Sparks homes in which youngsters live. The downsides to sisal are it’s vulnerability to water damage.
  • Olefin fiber is moisture resistant, doesn’t stain as easily as other fibers and is resistant to fading and chemical damage. Olefin fiber is a good choice in Reno and Sparks homes with children.
  • Wool fiber is good at hiding soil, is strong and resilient and stands up well under exposure to heavily trafficked rooms. Wool fiber also reacts positively to cleaning. Wool is a safer option for homes in Reno and Sparks, Nevada, as it is flame-retardant and it is eco friendly.

You can rely on our carpet and furniture cleaning, repairing and protection company to do the highest quality fabric and fiber protection for your home in the cities of Reno and Sparks, Nevada. We pride ourselves on meeting any carpet fiber or furniture fabric cleaning and protection challenge that comes our way.

For instance, I once had a friend in Reno who was partial to the color white in her living room….white rugs, white upholstery, white everything. While her home was picture perfect and worthy of a postcard setting, it was also unlivable due to her fears of dirt, stains and spills so nobody was allowed to be in there….sad, but true. Though a room like that would be a “super” challenge, our fiber and fabric methods of protection would have superceded other carpet and furniture protectant companies had anyone been allowed to actually use the area.

As for furniture fabrics, our fabric protection services cover every variable fabric type on the market.

For carpet and furniture protection in Reno and Sparks, Nevada call (775) 241-1521.

CLICK-2-DIAL (775) 241-1521

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Fabric and Fiber Protection Reno & Sparks



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