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If you own or manage a business with public access in a city like Reno or Sparks, Nevada, image is a big priority. Customers and clients get an impression of your locale when they walk in for the first time. Carpeting plays a big role in how your place of business, commercial and otherwise, presents itself. Obviously, commercial carpeting takes a larger beating than does residential carpet due to the excessive amount of foot traffic that passes through.

For that reason, alone, you should have your commercial carpeting thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis and hiring the right commercial carpet cleaning company is vital. We are the owners of a top of the line carpet cleaning business that specializes in commercial carpet cleaning for Reno and Sparks, Nevada. Our carpet cleaning technicians are trained to do your carpets justice both on the commercial and residential end. Our carpet cleaning crews take pride in a job well done.

Public areas in Reno and Sparks are exposed not only to the everyday dirt and gunk that gets stuck to shoes and boots, the close proximity of the desert brings in an excess of sand. All of the miscellaneous components that get dragged into a building or shopping area end up getting ground deep into commercial carpets.

The appearance of soil, dirt and stains on the carpet in your commercially operated premises does not look good and could easily turn customers and clients away. Appearance is important but so is the sanitary aspect of keeping a commercial carpet free of nasty germs. Residential and commercial maintenance of carpeting is not just an important issue in the cities of Reno and Sparks…it is essential in every city in every state!

When you are running a commercial business, it can be difficult at times to schedule a convenient time to clean carpets on a commercially used carpet. With that in mind, our carpet cleaning teams for commercial based areas are happy to cooperate with our Reno and Sparks carpet cleaning customers on setting times for cleaning that best fit their calendar. If you need us to come after hours, we will set that up for you OR our pro commercial carpet personnel can arrange to do the job sectioned out (clean one area at a time.)

Since there is more than one commercial cleaning method that our commercial carpet cleaning experts employ, you will be advised of the process being used and the expected drying time of that procedure.


  • Commercial buildings
  • Construction sites
  • Convention Centers
  • Financial institutions
  • Healthcare facilities
  • High rise buildings
  • Hospitality places
  • Hotels and motels
  • Movie theaters
  • Institutions of education
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retail (malls, etc.)
  • Schools
  • Surgical centers

From the smallest of businesses all the way up to multi-floor businesses located in Reno or Sparks, Nevada, our carpet cleaning geniuses have the ability and expertise to restore the quality and appearance of any commercial carpeting.

For extraordinary carpet cleaning and rejuvenation in Reno and Sparks, do yourself and your business enterprise a favor and contact our carpet cleaning office to make an appointment for commercial and residential carpet cleaning maintenance.

CLICK-2-DIAL (775) 241-1521

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