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I’m a big fan of area rugs and oriental rug.  Yep.  I said it.  They add richness to a decor, the divide large areas into zones, and, they also absorb ‘stuff’.  You can put an area rug over a  carpet in order to be a safety net for your carpet in a spot, say under a dining room table.  Or you might have an area rug in a traffic zone.  I was in one home where they literally covered the whole living room in area rugs to protect ‘soft’ hardwood flooring.

I’m not here to judge.  If you want to use area rugs & oriental rug as decorative room esthetics, or you want to use them as crumb catchers is totally up to you.  But wherever you use them and however you use them, they need to be cleaned.  Dust mites love area rugs just as much as they love carpet.  So let’s clean’em up!

With our experience in Reno as a carpet cleaner, we’ve cleaned hundreds and hundreds of area rugs.  Our experience allows us to spot an area rug that should or should not be cleaned immediately.  Yes, there are some area rugs that you really don’t want to steam clean. And the same goes for oriental rugs.  Some are not going to do well if we blast them with high temp steam.

But, if you want someone to clean your area rugs or oriental rugs, we are experts and we will do a great job for you.  You know how you can tell?  By looking at our online reviews.  We have the highest satisfaction rating of any carpet cleaner in Reno.  And that expertise, knowledge, and care for quality translates to satisfied customers that are willing to tout our work for us.  Love those happy customers!

If you have an area rug, oriental rug, or carpets, or a room full of oriental rugs, we want to do great work for you and clean your area rugs to the best level possible.  Say goodbye to dust mites.  We got this.

Are you still reading this?  We’re waiting for you to call. (saying that reminds me of the easter egg ending in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’.)  But seriously, let the experts handle it.  We will clean and sanitize your area rugs way better than you could possibly do yourself.  Our technicians are trained and know what to look for and smell for.  Oh yeah – did I mention mold and bacteria?  Area rugs inherently by use, are susceptible to awful things.  A little dirt here, a little dirt there.  Throw in a little coffee spill, or some other liquid that could easily be a festering cauldron for bacteria and mold.  Then you’ve got a smelly mess.  And a health hazard.  I’m not trying to scare you (very much) but this is truly at the bottom of your rooms.  And as a friend of mine says all the time, “gravity always wins”.  So you have a collector sitting on your floor.  That nice area rug needs more cleaning than  you think!  Let’s stop reading and do this thing!

Call Reno Carpet Cleaners, Code 3 Carpet Cleaning today for quote and an appointment.  We look forward to talking with you!

CLICK-2-DIAL (775) 241-1521

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