Review of Three Great Barbecue Restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio by Cleveland Hood Cleaning

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Cleveland OH Restaurant Ohio City BBQ is one of Cleveland, Ohio’s premier places to enjoy a true smoked barbecue.  They are located at 3829 Lorain Avenue and are a great place to eat in or have your next event catered.

Ohio City BBQ has wisely teamed up with a veteran Rib Cook-Off company called the Blazin Broncos BBQ Co.  Led by Dennis Carrino and his thirty-five years’ experience in the food industry, this has been a match made in foodie heaven.

Dennis started in the Rib Cook-Off circuit in 1982 when he participated in Cleveland’s second annual rib cook-off.  Since then, he has taken the People’s Choice Award in contests throughout the United States.

Taking care to slowly smoke the meat for up to twelve hours, Ohio City BBQ gets rave reviews online.  They have over four hundred posts and a strong four-plus star rating.

Mission BBQ was founded by two friends who have a passion for our military and their dedication to the United States as well as the brave men and women who become first responders, firefighters and police.  They opened their first restaurant on September 11, 2011 ten years after the terrorist attack on America.

Today they have opened restaurants from Connecticut to Wisconsin to much success.  Their restaurant at 8225 W Ridgewood Drive in Parma, Ohio is less than ten miles from Cleveland, Ohio.  This is a short distance for those who crave real traditional barbecue.  The two friends traveled from St. Louis to the Carolinas and Kansas City to Texas to find the best secret recipes from roadside barbecue places.Cleveland OH Restaurant Photo

Mission BBQ is committed to giving back to those who serve and have raised millions of dollars for charities both locally and nationally.  They love hiring American Hero’s because they know those people are hardworking and committed their cause.

Clevelanders have posted well over one thousand six hundred reviews on the internet.  This has given them a strong four-point seven-star rating.

Southern Café is located at 11817 Detroit Avenue in Lakewood, Ohio which is only about seven miles from Cleveland.  It was founded by Chef Tony Fortner who got his start as a certified culinarian in 1979.

After working for several of Cleveland’s top restaurants, Tony decided he wanted to bring authentic Southern food to the area.  Southern Café was opened in March of 2016 and Tony has not looked back.  His humble place has thirty-five seats that are almost always occupied.

Cleveland OH Restaurant MediaThe evaluations on the world wide web are over three hundred and fifty giving Southern Café over a four-star rating. Perhaps that is because of his famous shrimp and grits or his fried green tomatoes or sandwiches like his catfish Po’Boy.

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