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The Top Three Restaurants Found in Phoenix

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When most people think of a city to vacation to, I doubt that Phoenix is the first one that comes to mind. After living here for a couple of years, I have experienced pretty much all that there is to offer in the city. And it is safe to say that I am not disappointed. Even after doing everything there is to do and eating at all of the restaurants, I still love being in Phoenix. With these food reviews, maybe some of you guys will consider coming here as well for a vacation.

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Nook Kitchen is a great Italian restaurant, and it is unlikely that you will find a better one in Phoenix. Or all of Arizona, for that matter. What makes a restaurant great, in your opinion? In my mind, the most important things in a restaurant are atmosphere, friendliness, and of course food. First of all, Nook Kitchen’s atmosphere.

The atmosphere of a restaurant is affected both by the other customers, and the restaurant’s staff. Nook Kitchen is found in downtown Phoenix, so don’t go in expecting a small restaurant with flat colors and no decor on the walls or anything. All of the other customers are very respectful, keeping their voices down when everyone is just trying to enjoy their meal peacefully. Sometimes I go to places and it’s like the other people don’t realize that they are not the only people on earth, so they are loud and annoying. In other places, the art and decor are so flat that I might as well be eating in a dark cave on my own.

No matter how bad the other restaurants are, Nook Kitchen tops them and that is all that matters. I appreciate that there isn’t super loud music, so you can make conversation with whoever you brought with you. Nook Kitchen is a great place to bring your clients of you are a business owner like me, and you’ll always get a few bonus points with people if you take them to an amazing restaurant in Phoenix. Another thing that I love about this Phoenix restaurant is the level of friendliness. The staff are very friendly and approachable, so I am never afraid to ask them any questions.

There was one particular restaurant in the past where the staff were so unfriendly that I was afraid to order, because I thought they would shout at me or something. You never want to hire people like that, and the management at Nook Kitchen clearly did not. With so many different things on the menu that you can order (which I will get into), you are going to need to ask the staff for a recommendation. I personally have had to ask for many recommendations, even though each meal I get is amazing. My two favorite things to eat at Nook Kitchen are the short ribs, and the chicken marsala.

Chicken marsala really depends on the place where you are ordering it, so luckily for me I got it from here. When I say that there are a ton of different things that you can order, I really mean it. You can get salad, pizza, and even lamb! All of these things really make for a great experience, and one that I have enjoyed time and time again. I have eaten at Nook Kitchen countless times, and I will always look forward to the next time that I am able to. Where else would they be getting all of these amazing online reviews from?

seafood restaurant phoenix pitic

The next restaurant on the list is Pitic Restaurant, which doubles as both a Mexican restaurant and a seafood restaurant. Some of my favorite Latin dishes have seafood in them, like camarones molcajete. Can never have enough of that. So I already have a positive disposition towards this Phoenix restaurant, even though there is no way that I would have put a restaurant I disliked on this list. This time around, you will be eating close to Coralee and Rayburn in Phoenix.

Pitic Restaurant is not that far away from the airport either, so if you are arriving in Phoenix or leaving then your food needs should be covered. Again, here is another restaurant with great food and aesthetic. Pitic Restaurant distances itself from other Mexican restaurants in town by having amazing service, and I have the opinions of my friends to back me up as well.

Every person that I bring to Pitic Restaurant tells me how friendly and open the staff are, which is something that you will always want to look for in a restaurant. My glass is never empty, but they can also tell when I want to be alone and talk to my friends and family. Or customers, since I bring them here a lot as well. If you want to learn more about their menu, don’t forget to stop by Yelp and Google to read one of the many great online reviews.

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If you feel like driving an extra mile or two for some different food, then Tastybox is the Phoenix restaurant for you. Tastybox is located northwest of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Everything that you should have come to expect from an amazing restaurant by now is here, and more. One important thing to not about Tastybox is how clean the staff keeps everything.

This place is squeaky clean! Sometimes I wonder if I’m eating in a future-themed restaurant, where everything is shiny and spotless. Sanitation is important both inside of the kitchen and outside, as your chefs are at just as high of a risk when preparing food in a kitchen. Grease fires are the most common hazard to a restaurant’s staff and customers, but luckily there are some amazing restaurant hood cleaners located in town.

Being a restaurant owner myself (secretly), I have seen these guys go to work and it is something to behold. Any restaurant owners should keep their number in mind, as you never know when the opportunity for a kitchen cleaning will arise. You can contact Phoenix Hood Cleaning from their website as well, at If you go online, most of the restaurants with the highest amounts of positive reviews work them.