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The Top Three Best Restaurants in New Port Richey

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You may have heard of Miami and Orlando, but have you ever vacationed to Port Richey in Florida? Chances are you haven’t, and that means that you are missing out. Port Richey has some of the finer restaurants that I have eaten at in my life, and I like to be where the great food is plentiful. Even if you only visit Port Richey for a day or two, I think every Florida native should visit here at least once or twice. Because it isn’t a giant tourist town like Miami, you can avoid all of the tourist trap prices on things.

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Those of you who like Southern food are in for a treat. Johnny Grits Southern Fresh servers some of the better Southern food in Florida, which means a lot. There are more than a few Southern restaurants within 100 miles of this one, but none of them even come close in quality to Johnny Grits Southern Fresh. Reviewing restaurants is my profession, so rest assured that I will be able to analyze the different aspects of each one. This restaurant is located near Villa Park in Port Richey, so don’t expect to be eating in a dumpy area or anything.

After reading a lot of the other online reviews for this restaurant, I have found that they have about three general topics. Those topics would be price, atmosphere, and food quality. I will try to add as many of my original thoughts as I can without quoting the reviews too much, but there is a lot to talk about and I am certainly not the first person to love this Port Richey restaurant. First of all, I have to talk about the atmosphere. Johnny Grits Southern Fresh offers both indoor and outdoor seating, and both are beautiful.

I personally cannot stand the humid climate in Miami, so having sunshine without the sweat is always nice. The building itself has plenty of windows, so you can see outside and watch people go by. The scenery always looks a lot better, when you get so close to the ocean. As for the customers, I have never had any problems with rowdy people or anything similar. And I eat here a LOT. If someone was acting up, I would most likely be the first person in the restaurant to know.

I like the music that plays overhead, and it is always just loud enough for me to hear it and not any louder. There are some restaurants, like the Texas Roadhouse, where the management thought that it would be a good idea to play music so loudly that you can’t hear the people you are eating with. No matter how loud they shout over it, which probably doesn’t help the situation. Now there’s the price. Unlike a lot of other tourist areas of Florida, the prices at restaurants in Port Richey are far below what you would expect.

It’s a perfect town for vacation, considering the climate and affordable activities. I never spend more than I want to at Johnny Grits Southern Fresh, and I still get to order everything that I want. Always nice to see a restaurant looking out for both itself and its customers.

The food here is so good that it could keep me coming back by itself, but the fact that they go the extra mile deserves extra praise. Although unless you see the great online reviews, you would not be able to tell that Johnny Grits Southern Fresh is such a popular restaurant. At first glance, it appears to be more of a hidden gem.

seafood and burgers in port richey

If seafood and burgers are more along the lines of your diet, then Whiskey Joe’s is the place for you. This time around, the restaurant is located close to Bayou Vista in Port Richey. I have two main dishes that I order from Whiskey Joe’s, but there is no way that I can decide which one is my favorite. I have seen a lot of people order the beer cheese soup, but the name alone just sounds really gross to me. I am not one to shy away from trying a new food, so I will probably order it at some point in the future.

My two favorites are the steak tacos, and the chicken wings. It does not matter what sauce is one them, as long as it is relatively mild. I don’t have a super high tolerance for spicy foods, no matter how good they taste. Another thing that I really appreciate about Whiskey Joe’s is the service. A lot of restaurants get commended for their quality service, but now that is becoming more commonplace.

I don’t just like the quality of the service, I like what makes this service different from other restaurants. The clean (very important) and friendly waiters are open to helping you if you’re indecisive on what to order, and they just make for a general good experience. All of this and more only means more amazing reviews.

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Last but not least, there’s The Local Fresh Grill. Here, you will be eating near the Richey Bay Park in Port Richey. Perfect for a stroll in the sunshine, if that’s your thing. It may just be me who notices this, because of my attention to detail, but the sanitation here is amazing. The Local Fresh Grill either only hires people with OCD, or their staff are just very good at their jobs.

I have a friend who works for Tampa Hood Cleaning Pros, and he scares me with his horror stories of the poor sanitation in Tampa restaurants. Good thing I usually forget by the time I’m at another restaurant, ordering. If you are a restaurant owner who operates in or nearby Tampa, do not hesitate to book an appointment with them.

Their website is, and there are plenty of online reviews that show how reliable they are. After all, sanitation can get a restaurant shut down at the drop of a hat. Again, you will find that this Port Richey restaurant has top-notch food and prices. Without those, it can be difficult to get so many great reviews for a lot of restaurants.