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Are You in Need of Tulsa Optometry?

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From the moment you are born, your vision will always be getting worse. For people who are less fortunate with their eyes, such as me, our eyes have gotten worse a whole lot faster. To the point where I legally cannot drive without my glasses. The Tulsa eye clinic that I have worked with in the past sadly shut their doors a couple of months ago, and it feels as if I am up a creek without a paddle. Every new place that I visit expects me to make compromises, whether it’s price, quality, or something else similar.

Eye care in Tulsa is not something that I can go without, so it was a burning issue for a while. One of my main issues with Tulsa optometry so far is that I feel like I can’t really trust the eye doctors. They knew a lot more than me about their profession, so they could be taking advantage of me at every turn and I would be none the wiser. After searching far and wide in Tulsa, I have finally found an optometrist that I can trust. Dr Zoellner & Associates has checked off all of the boxes for things that I would normally look for in a Tulsa eye clinic, and I am glad because of it.

The first thing that I did when searching for a reliable Tulsa optometrist was reading a LOT of online reviews. The reason I didn’t initially choose Dr Zoellner & Associates originally was because I accidentally skipped over it. From there, I was so desperate that I even looked in nearby towns. In a final act of desperation, I looked back at Tulsa and there it was. The best part is, Dr Zoellner & Associates isn’t even really that far away from my house.

optometry in tulsa

I could ride my bike there if I wanted to. Each time I have been to this Tulsa eye clinic, the friendly receptionist will greet me with a warm smile and make sure there are no errors in my appointment. There was another placed that I went to for Tulsa optometry (which will remain unnamed) and they got my date wrong, even though we had discussed it over the phone and I put it on my calendar. I do not make mistakes like that. Regardless of the shortcomings from other Tulsa eye doctors, Dr Zoellner & Associates offers the best quality glasses and eye exams for the best prices.

It may not seem like you can get a bad eye exam, but trust me. I have seen the full spectrum of optometry. What I appreciate the most about Dr Zoellner & Associates is the prices. Tulsa eye doctors wouldn’t exactly be considered middle-class citizens, since doctors usually tend to make a boatload of money. However, they still understand that it isn’t cheap for people like me to make regular trips to a Tulsa optometrist.

That’s why Dr Zoellner & Associates offers things like the “$99 deal”, so working class citizens can still afford to purchase glasses. I mean, I can’t even drive without my glasses.The doctors could charge as much as they wanted and I would still have to pay it, but I am very lucky that they don’t. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions during your appointment, because that’s why you are there to begin with. My Tulsa optometrist is always open to communicate, and he asks questions that I didn’t even think about. I can’t think of any off the top of my head, but they were very important. It’s nice to work with someone who is so good at their profession, but still humble enough to charge you an affordable rate.