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LA’s Top Three Restaurants for Foodies

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After a long weekend of driving all around Los Angeles and eating all of the great cuisine, I am finally ready to review each one of the restaurants.  Reviewing each restaurant I visit is just one of my favorite pastimes, but don’t expect to read anything that might potentially turn you away from a restaurant. These are the top three restaurants in Los Angeles, not the bottom three. If you’re looking for bad restaurants, try eating in a different town. I have heard a few times that Oregon has some pretty grotesque restaurants.

los angeles pizza restaurant

The first restaurant I ate at this weekend was Bottega Louie. Where do I start with this restaurant? The first thing that you will notice about Bottega Louie is the location, so we will start there. This restaurant is found in the financial district of Los Angeles, so it is a great spot for business lunches. Being a businessman myself, I can’t tell you how many customers I have brought here for lunch. All of the different aspects of Bottega Louie make for a great dining experience, and it also helps to establish you as a reliable person as well. Even though it is primarily an Italian restaurant, the menu still somehow manages to have a wide variety of choices.

The dishes I order usually range from pesto gnocchi to the amazing macarons. A lot of the great online reviews talk about the macarons, so if you still have room in your stomach for dessert then do not hesitate to order them. I appreciate how fresh all of the ingredients taste, and it is a nice change of pace from other restaurants in Los Angeles. You will never get the impression that you are eating food that came out of a can, and all restaurants should be that way. I need to get ahold of the head chef at Bottega Louie and ask them where they get their ingredients from. Maybe then my meals made at home will eventually start to taste good.

Another thing that Bottega Louie does very well is the customer service. All restaurant staff should do their job without expecting any extra compensation. The reason you have a job is to provide a service for your customers. But when the wait staff goes above and beyond, then I will always feel more inclined to tip well. My servers have always been very friendly and open, which helps when I have trouble deciding what to order. Even during the busier times of the day, I have not once see a staff member at Bottega Louie lose their cool.

Facing angry customers who just got off of work takes a lot of bravery that I personally do not have. The management here really knows how to hire well. Great food and great service can get your restaurant pretty far, but if I am being honest then I really prefer eating at a restaurant with an attractive interior. Bottega Louie is very vibrant and bright on the interior, which lightens up the mood whenever you enter. I have eaten at far too many restaurants without windows or proper lighting, and it is not enjoyable.

There was one Los Angeles restaurant where I couldn’t even see the food on my plate. There is a noticeable difference between romantic lighting and darkness. Finally, I have to talk about the prices. I’m just a plain middle-class citizen, even if I am a business owner. We don’t make any more than other people do, just because we oversee a business.

This means that I still have to operate on a limited income, and eating out every night is not really viable for me. With other restaurants, at least. Bottega Louie offers very good prices, when you take every aspect of the restaurant into consideration. You’re not just ordering food, you’re paying for the total experience. A restaurant that goes above and beyond the call of duty will always be on my shortlist.

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The next restaurant I recently ate at was Daikokuya Little Tokyo. This time around, you will be eating in downtown Los Angeles. There are a ton of activities to do in Little Tokyo, so you should never really be bored. I really like when restaurants have open-air kitchens, so I can see the chefs doing their thing in there. It always surprises me that they don’t get stage fright or anything, with all of your customers intently watching every move you make.

Then again, no restaurant in Los Angeles would hire amateur chefs. One thing that I have noticed about Daikokuya Little Tokyo’s chefs is how clean they are. They’re always cleaning up after themselves, which I appreciate. Nobody wants to get food poisoning. I have a friend who works at Los Angeles Hood Cleaning, and he is always telling me how unsanitary the kitchens are in lower-quality Los Angeles.

If you’re a restaurant owner and reading this, then make sure to visit their website at http://lahoodcleaning.com/. You will not be disappointed, and you in addition you could come close to getting as many positive reviews as Daikokuya Little Tokyo.

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Good think I’m not giving a speech on these restaurants, or I would be out of breath. The final restaurant I will talk about is Wurstküche. This restaurant is also located in downtown Los Angeles, just south of Little Tokyo. You could stop by both restaurants in the same day, if you felt like spending all day out on the town. Wurstküche is equally as good as the other two restaurants, so there isn’t a ton that I can say without sounding too redundant.

First of all, do not let the fact that it’s German food scare you away. I know a lot of people who get frightened at the thought of foreign food, but on the plus side German food isn’t especially spicy and doesn’t incorporate raw meat or anything. My absolute favorite dish to order is the rabbit rattlesnake sausage.

If you like chipotle aioli from anywhere, you will be in heaven. No matter what I order, I dip everything in it. Love that sauce. You can learn about plenty more dishes and sauces if you read the amazing online reviews for Wurstküche, I would highly recommend doing so. That way you won’t have to spend as much time reading the menu, like I did. Too many choices for a newcomer, but in a good way.